Our program, 7 pillars, is a new healing paradigm that integrates conscious community, psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga, sacred practices, and leading-edge technologies while operating within a safe, clinical, and ethical model. It is a marriage of modern-day technologies and therapies with the deep wisdom of ancient practices. Each of the treatments is thoughtfully selected and delivered in a sequence that will allow the participants to complete deep healing work throughout their stay.

The heart of this profound work is to guide participants slowly and ethically into increasing their understanding of themselves as part of a larger consciousness. This can profoundly transform the deeper causes of addiction, mental health, and physical health issues.

The community culture at our retreats is vitally important and what sets us apart. Practitioners operate within a dynamic and flowing therapeutic model. The authentic and open environment fosters more in-depth relationships between participants.

Our program is currently unfolding. To receive updates, add your name to the mailing list on our home page. We will keep you in the loop regarding all of our exciting developments.