As mental health professionals, we believe it is most important that we practice what we preach. We can only guide others down the path as far down the path as we have traveled ourselves.

In our own personal development work, we began to more deeply understand what we are calling "The New Healing Paradigm".   We began to have embodied experiences of ancient knowledge leading to the realization that we are all multidimensional Beings; existing physically in the third dimension, and yet also existing as energetic Beings in other dimensions of reality simultaneously.  Rather than look at things through a myriad of separate and disconnected lenses; we understand  life as a matrix of interconnectedness.  

With recent advancements in neuroscience and quantum physics, we now scientifically understand that humans exist as energetic beings and that the phenomenon occurring on the energetic plain (referencing electromagnetic energy and quantum waves of sound and light), greatly influence what is happening on the physical plain (referencing our human bodies, composed of trillions of cells, that experience disease and/or healing). This means that if we can become more conscious of this process, we can greatly influence what happens on the physical plane, and thus bring forth more effective, efficient, and long-lasting healing at a cellular level. The practices, techniques, and skills utilized and the overall understanding that we are all multidimensional Beings is the core of The New Healing Paradigm.

As we came to understand this more clearly, our goal became to create a program to help other humans understand this, and even more importantly, have embodied experiences of how this process can happen for each unique individual.

And so, we embarked on this mission...

The name "7Pillars" evolved out of the program development stage. As we became more clear about how to help people experience The New Healing Paradigm, we realized that there will be 7Pillars that each program will incorporate.

Visualize yourself standing in the center of a circle of 7Pillars, and your work to gain access to The New Healing Paradigm is to learn how to "touch" each pillar every day. As any of us get better and more fluid with this practice, our lives will come into greater harmony as our inner world comes into greater harmony. The 7Pillars hold us up from the inside.

We invite you to come to learn how to "touch" the 7Pillars, and, in so doing...

learn how to heal yourself from the inside out...

The 7Pillars

1. Therapy: This pillar includes psychotherapy as a primary tool. It is about personal development work and understanding our lifespan development, core wounds/traumas, and psychological understanding of how our mind works.  

2. Technology:  For better or worse, technology has become a major part of our culture and our daily lives. Our program will include cutting edge light, sound, and biofeedback technology that will assist in helping our clients rebalance their brain and better understand the physiological and neurological changes that are happening across the duration of the retreat. This technology will also allow us to accrue data, and with time, create meta-analysis to show the effectiveness and validity of our program, thus helping the larger world to become more conscious of The New Healing Paradigm.

3. Education: Knowledge holds power. A deeper understanding of how the brain-body function, how our own mind works, and how much relationships influence who we become will aid our clients in expediting their own transformation. By including well-formulated psychoeducation, this pillar is essential to help clients integrate the embodied experiences that will happen during the retreat.

4. Mindfulness: This word is popping up everywhere for a good reason: Mindfulness skills are a primary vehicle to help us learn how to focus and increase our window of presence. Modern research shows that presence and focus are key ingredients in cultivating healthy changes.  

5. Wellness: This pillar includes everything from the food and supplements we put into our bodies, to bodywork, acupuncture, and embodied movement practices; to connecting with nature and the plants and animals of the earth. Our clients will experience wellness woven into their retreats in order to help easily assimilate the new information they are learning, as well learn wellness practices of their own that they can take back home with them.

6. Community: Humans are meant for interconnectedness. Our retreats will foster safety, authenticity, and a healthy understanding of how we are all mirrors for each other. Through a greater sense of community, deep layers of shame and isolation can be healed. Many, if not all, of our original traumas happened in relationship; and so healing them in a great community is an effective way to reprogram the old maladaptive lessons that came from a broken sense of family/community.

7. Ceremony: This pillar is about cultivating a sense of awe about oneself and the greater universe. For as long as humans have existed, they have created ceremony in their lives to understand the sacred elements of our existence, and to bring greater meaning to Life. Sacred practices help us to reconnect with our true essence. 

By learning to "touch" and stay connected with each of the 7Pillars, each of us can transform our lives. By keeping the practices alive in our daily life, our clients can ensure that the transformation earned during the retreat can stay with them for the rest of their lives.